Three core activities

Gebhard’s activities can be divided into three groups:

1. Complete projects

The third main element of the range of services is undertaking entire projects, on both existing and new vessels. After an intake phase, an inventory is carried out on board to determine what is already present, what needs to be replaced and what has to be added. The engineers draw up detailed specifications and a custom system is designed on the drawing board. The entire construction process takes place under the supervision of Gebhard and is rounded off by a thorough programme of testing. On delivery, plenty of time is devoted to instruction and training, after which Gebhard provides ongoing support with service technicians.

2. Complete prefab installations

Prefab installations for new shipbuilding projects, built to the customer’s specifications, can be delivered anywhere in the world. These include all required components and detailed instructions so the installation can be performed on location by the customer’s own personnel. The descriptions are accurate down to the smallest detail and the packages are more than complete, because we include enough extra standard parts. Custom installations can be delivered at low cost and with short lead times. This method is tried-and-true and is relied upon by satisfied customers around the world.

3. Components

Gebhard Electro delivers major components such as switch panels and bridge consoles for all possible types of vessels. On a daily basis major components of this type are being shipped to locations around the world, and they are always accompanied by thorough instructions for the local installers. This approach is unique because of the quick delivery and the customer-specific technical and financial solutions. Gebhard can also send his own technicians to perform the installation of these major components. Because the branches in various parts of the world they can always be on location quickly. Gebhard Electro: where shipyards are.