Gebhard focuses its gaze strongly across national borders. Even before the economic situation began to worsen in Europe, Gebhard had already spread its wings to Asia. It has, for example, found another home port in Dalian, China, where it has set up Dalian Haien Gebhard Electrical Apparatus, a level 1 certified supplier in the network of the China Petroleum & Natural Gas Group.

The results are very encouraging. Initially, the designs were created in the Netherlands, but now there are also highly trained engineers working in China who are achieving outstanding performances. The blending of two corporate cultures produces an interesting cross-fertilisation, which represents an added value for both sides of the collaboration. The Chinese products are delivered all over the world at a very competitive price. A further advantage is that the company can react immediately to urgent orders. With some 30 employees, the workforce is already sufficient; they can also quickly switch to shift working, so production can carry on around the clock if necessary.