Electrical systems for inland shipping

Gebhard Electro, located in Oosterhout, has specialised in electrical systems for inland shipping since 1946. The company has grown from a small local installer for inland shipping into a global company for both maritime and inland shipping. The company will soon move into new accommodation off the A59 motorway, which offers adequate space for the current rate of growth.

Business philosophy
That philosophy is based on the idea that a ship owner must be able to opt in at multiple stages in the system design and construction process. In addition to constructing complete systems for inland shipping, Gebhard has standardised the main components, making it possible to deliver systems in parts or as a complete assembly package to any location in the world. For example main and auxiliary switch panels, starting systems, alarm and surveillance systems, communication systems and control consoles. Additional customer-specific components can be delivered to order. The packages come with clear instructions and an ample supply of installation fixings and materials so that the fitters on site can complete the job without problems or delays. This innovative approach means that customised arrangements, both in technical and financial terms, can be delivered with very short lead times.