Electrical installations for inland and maritime systems

Gebhard Electro provides electrical maritime systems to both inland and maritime shipping. Besides the engineering the production of complete systems also take place in-house. They are delivered tailor-made to both inland and international shipping. We process advanced products at various shipyards in the world and on many different kind of ships. There is a long experience in conducting the overall direction over large and diverse projects. A careful inventory of needs, legal requirements and international rules form the basis of each assignment.

For a ship is being phased out on a distant shipyard Gebhard Elektro is an ideal partner for maritime systems. Installations can be supplied as a complete kit, with detailed installation instructions and a surplus of mounting material. The standardized components can be added, maintained or replaced at any time. This means reliability and operational continuity. This shows Gebhard Electro is the right partner with expert knowledge. Electrical installations are being developed continuously. Valuable innovations can be integrated into existing situations at low-costs.

Reliable for maritime systems

There is no reason to be obstructed and loose revenue by interference with maritime systems. For each electrical maritime challenge Gebhard Electro has a solution. Click the contact button for an informal acquaintance with Gebhard Electro!

Gebhard Electro is based in Oosterhout, the Netherlands and is a reliable address for all large and small marine projects since 1946. Now we have a few big names in our portfolio. Gebhard Electro, the right place for:

  • development
  • engineering
  • production
  • installation
  • repair service