Succesfull ‘Electrifying the Maritime Market’ Event

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Together with our partner Shift Clean Energy, Gebhard Electro received major players from the maritime market on Thursday 2 June for the event ‘Electrifying the Maritime Market’. The event took place at our office in Oosterhout. We performed a live demonstration on the Shift Lithium Battery Module.

During this informative and inspiring afternoon, Gebhard Electro shared his vision for the future of the maritime industry. We shared our X-to-Power philosophy on how electrifying propulsion will play an important role in optimizing CAPEX/OPEX and reducing emissions.

Shift Clean Energy CEO Brent Perry, presented Shift’s energy storage solutions and their PwrSwäp “pay-as-you-go” service. Almar van Herk of Kotug International presented their Kotug E-Pusher. And explained how they will use the exchangeable battery containers from PwrSwäp to enable emission-free transport with their ships. The first project is under construction to transport emission-free cocoa beans for client Cargill.

Shift Battery Demonstration

At the end of the event, Shift performed a live demonstration on their lithium battery modules. A nail penetration test was performed on a single lithium cell to demonstrate the dangers and violence of a single cell explosion.

The same nail penetration test was then performed on Shift’s water-cooled battery module. As a result: the battery enters a thermal runaway, but this will not transfer to the other cells and therefore no propagation on other lithium cells. This has demonstrated the safety of the patented Shift cooling system.

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