Gebhard Electro receives order for full Electric Modular Kotug E-Pusher

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Gebhard Electro has been awarded the contract for the supply of the electrical drive-system and installation for Kotug E-Pusher Type M.

The modular and scalable 100% electric pusher boat is powered by swappable battery energy containers from Shift Clean Energy solution PwrSwäp. Gebhard will integrate the swappable energy containers in the drive-system. Gebhard Electro will take of the complete system integration and installation. To deliver a standardized and modular drive-system which is modular and scalable to ensure uptime and simplify maintenance for efficiency in the operations.

Cargill will be the first company to use the Kotug E-Pusher type M, for zero-emission transport of cocoa beans between Amsterdam and their factory in Zaandam.

Shift PwrSwäp Solution

The Kotug E-Pusher will use Shift Clean Energy PwrSwäp solution. This solution consists of interchangeable battery energy containers with charging stations. Shift offers interchangeable energy containers that store energy from zero-emission ESS battery systems ranging from 70 kWh to 6 MWh. This makes the Kotug E-Pusher scalable and extends the range of connecting more battery energy containers.

Efficiency is achieved with the swappable energy containers. Replacing the swappable energy container at one of the charging hubs along the shipping routes is a matter of minutes. In addition, empty batteries can be recharged at night, taking advantage of possible energy surpluses in the grid. By swapping out these ESS battery systems uptime is maximized for vessel owners.

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