Drive Systems

“The right way to an uncompromising drive system.”

Through many years of experience and thorough research into current innovations, Gebhard Electro provides for an uncompromising design that will meet your needs.

Sustainable, hybrid, operational costs and investment costs; whatever question you have, we offer all kinds of customizations with the best and highest quality.

Customizing means endless possibilities, whether it is about air or water-cooled versions. It also includes customizing something that has to operate under extreme conditions like vibrations or temperatures. Whether the source of energy is a diesel generator or a fuel cell, Gebhard Electro will design everything according to your wishes.  

Drive Systems

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  • Kotug E-Pusher

    In close cooperation with Kotug International, Gebhard Electro designed and built the electrical installation for the Kotug E-Pusher and E-Barges, …
  • Coastal Crown

    On behalf of the Bijlsma Wartena shipyard, Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek and Gebhard Electro provided the latest Acta Marine flagship with a complete …

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