Marfle Fleet Analytics

Gebhard Electro is a sales & service partner for Marfle for the Netherlands and Belgium.

Marfle Fleet Analytics tracks and analyses data from your vessels, providing crucial insights and guidance for increasing the efficiency of your fleet operations. 

Increase fuel efficiency

Analysis of vessel usage patterns and fuel consumption helps you operate vessels in the most economical way. Marfle Analytics can find the optimal speed ranges for your vessels in their current operational environment. The analysis also helps you select the right vessel for an operation, based on the performance of the vessels in different conditions.

Control Driving Style

How the vessels are being used is a significant factor in maximising engine lifetime. Marfle Analytics tracks the driving style of vessels and helps fleet managers take good care of the fleet by setting specific guidelines for crews.

Diagnose problems

In case of engine or powerline issues, Marfle Analytics allows you to study the engine data to find potential sources for the problems, and when and how the issues have developed.

Increase safety 

Replay operations second by second to find what contributed to unexpected events on the sea. The replay feature can be expanded with a CCTV footage option for even greater insight into circumstances on board.

Preventive Maintenance

Trend analysis of data can be used to predict engine issues before they become problems. Preventive maintenance is cheaper, and helps maximize operational uptime for your fleet.

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