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Shift clean energy

Shift delivers clean energy solutions based on leading-edge energy storage systems. Meeting climate action goals through electrification and unlocking the potential of new technologies through hybrid solutions, making low and zero-emissions operations a reality-today.  Our unique innovations deliver quality ESS that can be used safely and efficiently for the lifespan of a vessel

stackable and configurable energy storage system

The Shift Power 6.6kWh, Power 7.5kWh and Energy 8.8kWh solutions are designed as a modular, stackable and configurable energy storage system. The modules are connected in series to achieve system voltage, and parallel strings are added together to meet the total required system capacity. The system’s integrated enclosure meets requirements for battery room standards and may be installed in any location on a vessel. Alternatively it may be packaged in easy to transport ISO standard containers that are easily deployed to any location and quickly brought online.


  • Containerized ESS

    Shift CanPower is an end to end Microgrid, containing DC Energy Storage and all of the AC power equipment need to power your application. CanPower …
  • SHIFT Racking System

    The ESS system can be supplied in a racking system for placement on a vessel. It is designed for space, built in different arrangements. The …

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