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Marine electrical system integrator

Gebhard B.V. provides the best customized electrical solutions for the current maritime market. We have got over 75 years of experience and we always make sure to offer the best possible results for our clients. Due to our extensive history, we know that brand-independency is important and of added value to provide for those customized solutions.

We supply an all-inclusive package with drive-systems, electric motors, generators, transformers, distribution cabinets (including power management) and maritime installations. We do not only supply these electrical machinery packages, we also give advice to our customers about engineering, like THD calculations and selectivity studies.

As an independent system integrator we unburden our customers by making sure to offer the absolute best solutions during the purchase as well and the upkeep of the electrical installations

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    Gebhard Electro has received the order from Neptune Marine to deliver the entire electrical installation for Stewart Marine’s new EuroCarrier 2611 …

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