Coastal Crown

Coastal crown

On behalf of the Bijlsma Wartena shipyard, Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek and Gebhard Electro provided the latest Acta Marine flagship with a complete electrical installation.

The Coastal Crown is a sustainable, unique DP-2 Hybrid triple drive Multi Cat that Acta Marine will deploy in all kinds of offshore projects, especially close to the coast in shallow waters. The ship has been made as environmentally efficient as possible. The Coastal Crown features Dynamic Positioning (DP) 1 and 2.

Triple drive hybrid

The Coastal Crown is a unique ship in terms of propulsion concept. A vessel like this has never been made before, making it the most durable multipurpose multicat on the market.

The whole world is asking for greener shipping, which is why the Coastal Crown has various drive options to sail as efficiently as possible. The drive modes are: Direct Drive mode, Diesel-electric Drive mode and Battery-Electric Drive mode. In addition to fully electric sailing, the 300Kwh battery pack can also be used for DP1 back-up and powering the on-board network.

This hybrid system results in 73% savings on NOx emissions and 20% savings on fuel and CO2 emissions.


Gebhard Electro and Piet Brouwer combine their forces to bring the Coastal Crown to the desired result. Gebhard Electro took care of the drive systems and the Power Management system. We at Gebhard Electro are proud of this collaboration and the result.

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