Rolldock Sun

Gebhard Electro and Eekels Technology have received the order for a Main Switchboard Modification of the RollDock Sun. During this project, Gebhard Electro and Eekels Technology work closely together to achieve the best result in a short time. Installation is done during a maintenance period of just four weeks.

The following installation parts were replaced during the project:

  • Power Management Systems
  • Alarm and Monitoring System

Increase reliability of the Power Management System

Gebhard Electro was responsible for replacing the existing power management system. RollDock’s wish was to increase reliability and further optimize the system. The biggest challenge of this project was the limited availability of old technical documentation. To guarantee reliability, all control components have been replaced, these are fully prefabricated in our workshop and tested to guarantee the shortest possible lead time. All technical documents are updated after delivery.

Collaboration with Eekels Technology to replace the Alarm and monitoring system.

Eekels was responsible for replacing the existing Alarm and Monitoring System with the Marpower Automation System (MAS). The existing infrastructure has been used as much as possible, so that the work required on board is kept to a minimum. The new PanelPCs and network components of the MAS replace the current alarm system and also integrate the Ballast Control System, the Fuel Efficiency Monitoring, the BWTS and the Power Management System.

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