E – Power the green alternative!

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Sustainability. This particular word and concept has become very important to the current society. Sustainability is inseparable from shipping. With these two concepts, CO2-reduction is an important point. But how does one realize this? Gebhard Electro has worked together Damen Dredging Equipment to find the best answer. The main goal was to create an electrical concept that supports the customer’s wishes and demands and that provides an optimal drive system.

The road to electrical power…

Because of the different kinds of developments in terms of sustainability from the government, green energy keeps on becoming more popular. This makes that the costs of kWh drop significantly. Because of this, this form of energy is becoming serious competition for the already existing fossil fuels. The overall expectation is that in 2030, kWh will cost between three to four Eurocents. Also storing this energy keeps on getting easier.

Despite the many developments for floating equipment, there is still a search for the right solution that includes a profitable result. If it is possible to “feed” through a cable, the investment for completely independent electrical power systems seems to be very interesting. The costs per kWh as well as the cost of maintenance are very low compared to systems that run on fossil fuels.

Working together on a result…

When working together with Damen Dredging Equipment, we have looked for possibilities to finding the right way to tackle the developments mentioned above. By intensively working together and listening to each other, we have come to a result. This result exist of a custom-built drive-system with a total power of 3250kW. The space and the required components have been used as efficiently as possible.

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