Gebhard Electro is your supplier for transformers in both LV and HV. We can give advice on the correct transformer for your electrical installation and can integrate this as well. Because our partner manufacturers delivery directly, we can give you the best and commercial and technical solution possible.

Our team of technical specialists can advice you by taking your specification and the right transformer into consideration. Gebhard Electro supplies transformers in both the maritime and the industrial sector. We work according to the requirements of multiple inspection authorities and for complex and demanding applications, for example the dredging industry and heavy industry. 

Total system integration

Not only can Gebhard Electro supply and integrate transformers, we also supply electric motors and drive systems.


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  • Kotug E-Pusher

    In close cooperation with Kotug International, Gebhard Electro designed and built the electrical installation for the Kotug E-Pusher and E-Barges, …
  • Coastal Crown

    On behalf of the Bijlsma Wartena shipyard, Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek and Gebhard Electro provided the latest Acta Marine flagship with a complete …

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