The world of electrical systems and installations never sleeps. There will always be new developments to go along with. That is why it is important to keep investing in your crew’s knowledge and skills. Gebhard Electro offers courses to train your crew on all kinds of different levels that will fit your needs.

Training courses at every level

Our training courses are completely modified to every customer and are offered at every desired level. The connection between professional practice and technology is very important to Gebhard Electro. We pay a lot of attention to the basic principles in technology: detecting errors, measuring, routine checks, maintenance work, reading and understanding electrical diagrams and operating electrical systems – and installations.
After your crew has successfully completed one of our training courses, in which practice and theory come together, they will receive a certificate to officialize and confirm their participation.


Letting your crew successfully participate in our training courses will not only contribute to downtime reduction and maintenance costs, it will also guarantee that your crew is able to safely and effectively handle installations. A well-trained work force knows all of the systems and knows how to solve problems. Because your crew is trained, they will be capable to quickly track down problems, solve them and get back to their routine.

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