Kotug E-Pusher

In close cooperation with Kotug International, Gebhard Electro designed and built the electrical installation for the Kotug E-Pusher and E-Barges, the world’s first fully electric pusher boat and barges used to transport cocoa beans from the Port of Amsterdam to Cargill’s cocoa factory in Zaandam, the Netherlands.

Kotug E-Pusher
The Kotug E-Pusher sails fully electric on battery power, achieving complete zero-emission and reducing 190,000 kg of CO2 emissions per year. Gebhard Electro is designed to handle both AC and DC energy input, making it easy to switch energy sources from generators to battery containers.

Gebhard Electro designed, built, and installed the electrical installation, which includes the integration of the electric thruster for propulsion and the battery container. Everything is monitored from the AMCS system of the vessel, specially developed for this purpose. All electrical systems are fitted in a custom-built container as part of the vessel’s modular and flexible design.

Gebhard Electro was contracted by Jansma Shipyards for the delivery of the electrical systems for the Kotug E-Barges. The barges are capable of operating without the E-Pusher and are powered by their own battery package, integrated into the Gebhard E-Drive System. The E-Drive System drives the electric thruster of the barges and powers the AC-grid of the barge. The automation system of the barges can operate stand-alone or send signals hardwired to the E-Pusher when connected to the vessel.

Gebhard Electro worked in close cooperation with Kotug International and all involved shipyards and other suppliers. This close cooperation made it possible to deliver the first fully electric Kotug E-Pusher Type M.

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